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Guess Your Time


Venue:      UCLAN Track

Start time:7:45pm

Distance:  3K to 5K

Entry fee:  £2 (plus normal track fee) All entry fees used for prizes

Age:Over 16

This is a series of 3 races for Preston H. senior members, which take place during the normal Wednesday evening track session.

How it Works

Enter the race and guess your finish time. This is a normal race with all runners starting at the same time. NO WATCHES ALLOWED.


Prizes will be awarded to the best 3 male and female runners who finish with the nearest time to their predicted time. Therefore, every runner has a chance to win.

Full results, actual time and ‘guess your time’, will be published.
A trophy is awarded to the overall series winner.


Xmas 2015 | Easter 2016 | Summer 2016 | Series 2015-16
Xmas 2016 | Easter 2017 Summer 2017 | Series 2016-17
Easter 2018 |

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