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Mid Lancs League


League Fixtures 2021-22

Date          Location

09/10/21   Burnley

30/10/21   Hyndburn

27/11/21   Sefton Park, Liverpool

15/1/22     Blackpool

12/2/22     Leigh

12/3/22     Burnley

Start Times & Race Distance

Group                                                                Start Time           Distance

U11 Girls                                                          12:00pm              Up to 2K

U11 Boys                                                          12:15pm              Up to 2K

U13 Girls                                                          12:30pm              2.5K

U13 Boys & U15 Girls                                      12:50pm              3K

U15 Boys & U17 Women                                13:10pm              4K

U17 Men, U20 Women, Senior

Women & Vet 70 Men                                    13:30pm              6K

U20 Men & All Senior Men                            14:15pm              9 – 10K

There are 6 fixtures in the league, with age group races from Under 11 boys and girls to Veteran Men 70. The races are free to enter for all club members. Runners must be fully paid up members of Preston H. for the current year and be affiliated to England Athletics (Under 11 age group does not need EA affiliation).

A race number is issued for the season and must be kept and worn at all races, except for the BA Cross Challenge fixture at Liverpool, where separate numbers are issued.

How to Enter for Season 2021-22

A new online entry system will be introduced this season. For all junior and senior runners who wish to run in the Mid Lancs Cross Country League for the 2021-22 season you must enter via the team manager, Steve Jackson by 20th September 2021. There is no fee to run in the races if you enter by this date.

It will still be possible to enter races after this date, but you must do this individually online and the cost is £1 per race. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY ON THE DAY.

You must be a fully paid up member of Preston H. and you must have renewed your EA Registration for the 2021-22 season (Note there is no EA Registration for Under 11 age group). If you have not already paid your EA Registration, please do this yourself now. This must be done before the team manager is able to submit your Mid Lancs League entry. The club treasurer, Helen Vavaso, has already sent information, and reminders, regarding how to renew your EA Registration.

To enter the Mid Lancs Cross Country League 2021-22 races:

Juniors – Please contact your coach directly.
Coaches – Please send your list to Steve Jackson before 20th September.
Seniors – Members can contact Steve Jackson directly.

Please contact Steve Jackson, by email, before 20th September. Information required – Full name, Date of birth and EA No.

Individual and team awards are presented at the end of the season. Individual and team prizes will be issued for the best 4 scores from 6 races in all age groups. The senior men’s and women’s team awards are split into divisions.

Currently Preston H. are in the following divisions:

Senior Men    

Preston H 'A'    Division 1
Preston H 'B'    Division 2
Veteran 40 Men    

Preston H          Division 1
Senior Women    

Preston H 'A'    Division 1
Preston H 'B'    Division 3