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All that is valuable in human society…

...depends on the opportunity for development for the individual, and oh have we got one for you. Read on:


Are you keen to learn a new skill for free and expand your sports experience? We are pleased to announce have some brilliant opportunities to become fully qualified track and field officials! Oh the places you could go…


So how much will it cost you?


…And the answer is ‘nothing’! Although you will be required to pay the initial £20 course fee and £10 for safeguarding training (which is a key part of being at an event in an official capacity), these payments will be reimbursed from our treasurer so you will gain the qualification for free. It will stay with you personally so you will be able to use it wherever you may move.


What training will I have to do?

There are a range of upcoming dates where you can complete the required training, either in-person in sunny Bolton, or online. If interested we will send more information about the specific dates and times, which depend on discipline chosen and mode of delivery.


Whatever you choose, the session content will ensure you have all the know-how to master the role and it’s delivered in an engaging and interactive way to leave you feeling energised and motivated to start officiating.   


I’m a (wo)man of the world! Will I have the time?

Below are the dates where officials from Preston Harriers are required. We know how busy life can be and we don’t expect you to turn-out for each fixture, however we ask that an individual commits to a minimum of three events over the course of a season.

It's a sad-but-true fact that unless we provide officials from the club, Preston Harriers may not be able to compete in that particular league so any effort is greatly appreciated. You are not only helping to build your own skill-set, but helping others compete and enjoy athletics too.


Interested to learn more? Please complete the Google Form and we will be in touch. Courses start from mid-March so quick feet ahoy - don’t miss out on this great development opportunity! 

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