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Andy & Charlotte

17 June 2017

Congratulations from all at Preston Harriers to the newly married Andy and Charlotte Grimshaw. The wedding festivities took place on Andy’s family farm, where glorious sunny weather allowed for the evening ceildh to take place outside on the field. Guests were advised to wear the appropriate footwear and even the bride had on trainers all evening. This just goes to show, you can make a bride from a runner, but you can’t take the runner out of the bride.

There was an assortment of party games around the field and, with more than a few Harriers present, there had to be a race involved somewhere. By the time the sun had gone down and a few drinks consumed Kari, Helen and Jacqueline were on the start line. A free entry was reserved for the blushing bride who briefly left the dance floor to race. Sadly it was too dark for action photos as the four competitors, looking a little less elegant in their wedding outfits while sat on a space hopper, waited for the off. Charlotte had clearly spent the day practicing, before nipping out to get married, and was the clear winner and back on the dance floor before the others had reached the half way. There was some fighting, almost literally, for the minor places with at least one DNF in the results.

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