Armagh International Road Races

Thur 13 Feb 2020, Armagh, Northern Ireland

The Armagh International Road Race meet is described by some as a celebration of running and opportunity for runners to test themselves against the best. It brings together some of the fastest runners around and this year Preston was proudly represented by five young athletes. First up in the 3k were Jack Dee-Ingham (8:47) and Byron Sowerby (8:55); both of whom broke the 9 minute barrier to place within the top 20, with Dee-Ingham taking 10th and Sowerby 17th. Next up in the 5k were Joe Monk, Kian Davis and Ben Preddy. With Monk (14:40) and Davis (14:43) both breaking the 15 minute barrier to place inside the top 100. Whilst Preddy (15:47) broke 16 minutes to finish just outside the top 200. The overall winner of the men’s 3k was Matthew Neil of Acorns A.C in a time of 8:37 whilst Adam Clarke of Team Real Runners won the 5k in a time of 13:42.

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