Endurance Eliminator at Wrexham

21st August at Queensway Stadium, Wrexham.

The Eliminator – the race begins with 11 athletes whose goal is to never get last. The competitors will battle it out to run 10 laps of the track with a recovery period (1 minute) after each lap which begins immediately after the first finisher crosses the finish line. The last finisher to cross that line is eliminated. Thus, the next lap begins with one less competitor. The Starter gives athletes recovery time announcements with the last time announcement at 5 seconds after which a single command of “Go!” is given to start the lap. Race 1 – u13’s Boys – 1pm Race 2 – u13’s Girls – 1:25pm Race 3 – u15’s Boys – 1:50pm Race 4 – u15’s Girls – 2:15pm Race 5 – u17’s Men – 2:40pm Race 6 – u17’s Women – 3:00pm Race 7 – u20’s Men – 3:20pm Race 8 – u20’s Women – 3:40pm Race 9 – Senior Men – 4:00pm Race 10 – Senior Women 4:20pm

Endurance eliminator

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