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Entering Inter-Club? ’… ‘Enter what?...Enter a club? …‘No, no, Inter-Club!’😎

Spring is finally almost here so that means the Inter-Club series will soon be with us too. For anyone new to the club or in need of a refresher – as yes it has been a year so you’re totally forgiven - here’s a low-down on what it involves and how to enter…


It’s free and local

The Inter-Club road series is between 7 local athletics clubs, with each of the clubs hosting a midweek race. There’s one per month from April to September and the race distance is typically between 4 and 5 miles.


The races are open to all affiliated members of Preston Harriers and the minimum age to enter is 15 on the day of the race. Each race also has a ‘sweeper’ who acts as a tail runner, so you will never finish last.


You only need to register once

Please complete the Google Form: Inter Club Entry ( to register. This generates the creation of your unique bib with a race number. You only need to register once.


Your race bib may out-last your socks…

Once you have registered to take part, each runner is assigned a race bib with a number which lasts the entire Inter-Club season. This bib can be collected from a specified club member up to thirty minutes prior to each race starting. If you have any questions about this as the events approach please email so we can sign-post you to a person and collection point.

Tips from the top (thank you, committee members) to prolong both your bib’s longevity and use include scrunching-then-un-scrunching it to stop it flapping in any wind, sticking it on your fridge (as a constant reminder of what an awesome and valued runner you are), or keeping it in under the insole of a trainer so you are always ready!


Inter-Club fixtures are part of the Club Championships

…Taking part in 3 events is needed to count towards a PH Club Championship award. If you take part in more, then it’s your ‘best’ 3 places that will count.

You can run in them all or just a few

Of course, we would love you to be able to take part in each fixture, but if this is not possible then that’s ok - just turn-out for what you can.  

Every appearance counts

Literally. Runners are placed in the order they come through and a certain number of points are awarded for each of the counted places. Although there is a level of friendly-competitiveness with others clubs, Inter-Club is more about running for the club and ensuring there are enough blue vests to pass through the finish funnel and earn points.

There are five team categories. An ‘open’ with a club having its first 10 runners to count,  women with 5 needed to count, veterans with 6 to count, vet 50 with 4 to count, and finally vet 60 with 3 to count. There are team and individual prizes, to be presented after the first race the following year.

Uniform is required!

When taking part all runners are required to wear official PH kit. This can be either the club vest or the round-neck t-shirt. Kit can be bought off the club’s website and we advise doing it ASAP to ensure it has arrived in time for the first event.

The only soundtrack permitted is respiration of your fellow runners

…which can actually be very, erm, soothing? In seriousness, no headphones (including bone-anchored pairs) are permitted. This is for the safety of fellow runners and other pedestrians and road users alike. Any runner wearing headphones will be disqualified.

There will be food

After the event, each hosting club will provide a cold buffet and encourages runners from all clubs to come along and share an array of snacks, and undoubtedly Garmin stats.

The location of each will be posted on the PH news page and on our social media in the week leading up to the run, so you will have plenty of time to plan your logistics. There is no cost to eat as the host club provides the food, however it may be a good idea to bring money for drinks if you anticipate feeling thirsty, as venues usually host a bar.

Fancy giving it a go?

We hope so! So now you know all about it, please ensure you have completed the Google Form as this triggers the creation of your race number.

You can read more about the event in general and see the fixture dates and times here: Interclub | Preston Harriers

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