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It’s never too late to find those trainers...

Paul Hindle, after a long hiatus, has made a return to pounding the parks and pavements.

Here he shares his story about getting back to running and what it has meant. Thanks Paul - it really is the people who make the club!

Paul started running back in early 1984 when he was asked to run in the Preston Schools’ Cross Country, which was a bit of a baptism of fire and had Paul finishing last by a long way…

Following this, he was advised to join a running club and taken by his parents to join Preston Harriers. However as he attended on the wrong night he accidentally - or could that be fortunately? - ended up a member of Preston Athletic Club and from there he wa coached by Basil Duckworth, a well-known figure around the Mid-Lancs league around that time.

Over the next 5 years he completed several track and field events and worked up to achieving an incredible 14.54 for a 3 mile race and a very respectable 34.52 for a 10km on quite a hilly course in Oldham.

Unfortunately work and family life, coupled with some wrongly-diagnosed arthritis meant Paul stopped running completely and didn’t lace up for many years, thinking his running days were in the past.

However, around 2 years ago his children found his old scrapbook, medals and trophies in the loft and were understandably very impressed! Who knew their dad could run like that?!

This inspired him to consider getting back into it and so he joined one of Preston Harriers’ couch-to-5km groups. Following a couch-to-5km programme with two of Preston Harriers’ qualified run leaders helped Paul rediscover his stride and, although it was tough at first, he found the welcoming atmosphere and encouragement from clubmates and coaches alike exactly what he needed to keep on pushing.

While Paul feels he still has a long way to go to get to where he wants to be, he plans to keep on running and hopes to start competing again next year, stating ‘there are loads of memories I have and I have hopefully more to make’.

If - like Paul - you need some help getting back to it or wish to start from scratch, there will be a new couch-to-5km group starting this autumn. Please feel welcome to email to ask any questions or to be added to group list.

The proof is above - it is never too late!

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