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Let’s hit the (2024) ground running!

Happy New Year everybody!

2023 was a great year for the Harriers. Watching the club grow again and seeing people getting fitter/faster has been brilliant.

We now have depth in all abilities which is amazing and exactly what we need! It’s not all about being at the top end but about doing the best you can and most of all enjoying it! 

We need every runner, from faster to slower, this year to get as many points as we can to win the interclub - just as the wonderful Harrier ladies did last year! Every runner counts.

The club champs starts soon which is great to be a part of. If you think to yourself there’s no point doing it because the faster runners will just win it you are wrong! It’s all about representing the team and getting together to do the races and encouraging each other 👍

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone this year, donning their Preston vest and watching people continue to improve. 

The first senior event is the XC @ Blackpool on Saturday 13th January. Details can be found on the link here:

Please send a message if you need any further help or advice. Club captains Cathy and Dougie are ready and raring to go in supporting you all the way.

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