Mid Lancs CC Cuerden Info

Sat 2 March, Cuerden Valley Park The courses at Cuerden are very interesting and varied but require a walk from the parking to the competition area. There will be a sports equipment stall and a coffee van on site so bring some money with you.

With all the parking sites you will have a walk to the start so, if you are carrying heavy tents, make sure you have helpers in the car. Car sharing will also help ensure we don’t take up too much space and will share out the parking charges.

Mid Lancs League competitors can use one of three parking sites around the perimeter of Cuerden Valley Park: the Wigan Road car park, on the A49 just south of the M65 (walk 0.8km, fee*); the Town Brow car park, off Town Brow / Sheep Hill Lane (walk 0.9km, fee*); the Asda car park, off Clayton Green Rod (walk 0.38km, free). We have no permission to use the main car park by the Barn which we used previously and approached from Shady Lane/Berkeley Drive. DO NOT PARK HERE

Leave the M6 at J29 onto the A6 and the M65 at the final roundabout, drive north to the next roundabout and turn east onto the A6 and then as follows: to reach Wigan Road turn south on the A49; for Town Brow continue on the A49 and turn left on the B5256; for Asda continue on the eastbound A6 and turn right on Clayton Green Lane.

*Fees are 2h £1:10; 4h £2:20; all day £4:00 and are enforced by registration plate recognition technology and heavy fines; do pay the parking charge.

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