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Run of the Month – October 2016 Winner

Vicky Duckett was October Run of the Month winner for her excellent performance at the Manchester half Marathon finishing in 1:39:21 and knocking over 3 minutes off her pb. She was also part of the Preston H. ladies team (with Helen Clitheroe and Emma Essex Crosby) who finished in second place, and went home with a very nice prize.

Each month nominations are invited from any club member who feels a club member deserves the award ‘Run of the Month’.

The award is open to all male and female senior members age 18 and over, running in any road, fell or cross country race. All monthly nominations for ‘Run of the Month’ will be put to the Endurance Committee. The committee will then decide who should be entitled to the award ‘Run of the Month’.

At the end of October 2017, one of the 12 ‘Run of the Month’ winners will be awarded the ‘Run of the Year’. An award will be given to the winner at the Club Presentation Evening at the end of the year.

This is not just another prize to be given to the lucky few who already win races. What will be looked at is an outstanding personal achievement by any runner at any position in the field. This could be a runner who breaks the club marathon record. Equally, it could be awarded to a runner who normally comes last, but comes second to last and knocks 10 minutes off their 10k pb. Or a first race after overcoming a serious injury.

So, if you feel any member of Preston Harriers has had an outstanding race or personal achievement in a race, please nominate the runner for ‘Run of the Month’.

All nominations to the Endurance committee, by the 5th of the following month, via Steve Taylor, email

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