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Winter Hammer Throw Competition, Blackburn – Sunday 19th February 2017

Harriers Hammer Thrower in World Record attempt

Hammer thrower Ed Jeans failed in his world best attempt to throw the hammer (the women’s weight of 4kg) further than any female in the world. The record he was trying to break was 82.29 m (269 ft 11 in) which was thrown by Anita Włodarczyk ( POL ) on 15 August 2016. His longest throw was 80.30’ just 2 metres short of the record but it was the furthest throw at the event. The competition at Blackburn was part of a national competition held at various venues all over the country as part of the Hammer Circle’s Winter Hammer Throws Competition. Teams of 4 throwers threw lighter hammers than they do normally and were handicapped to produce a points score for the team. The winner of the competition is the team nationally that scores the highest number of points.

Emma Vickers was Harrier’s second furthest thrower with a distance of 43.17m. Alex Bernstein threw 42.50m closely followed by Caitlin Hornby with 41.37m. Liam Wilkes recorded 38.91m and Macy Noblett, a promising beginner, threw 38.00m. Rhiannon Lowe (36.96m), Abbey Codarin (34.53m), Megan Metcalfe (33.92m), Ed Cox (25.05m) and Harvey Noble (22.11m) were the other Harriers competing.

The best team total score was 224.58 points produced by the Lancashire Hammeroos 1 which consisted of Ed Jeans and Alex Bernstein from Harriers with Jacob Roberts and Charlotte Williams of Blackburn. There will be a wait to see if the team wins the national competition when all the results are collected.

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