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Become a Leader in Running Fitness

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Step #1

Talk to the Endurance Committee 

To make sure your goals and ours fit together, the first step is to talk to the endurance committee.  To contact the committee either speak to us in person or please fill out the contact us form on the contact page of the website and this will be passed on to the current chair.

Step #2

Complete your DBS check

All our run leaders must be DBS checked.  This can be done easily through the England Athletics portal.  The process is outlined here and our club secretary can verify your documents.


Step #3

Complete your Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding training is compulsary for run leaders.  There is a fee of £10 which will be repaid by the club on completion of training.  For more information please see here.

Step #4

Complete your Leader in Running Fitness course

Leader in Running Fitnesss courses run regularly throughout the year and are organised by England Athletics.  For more information and to book a course click here


If you're completing a course through Preston Harriers you will be entitled to a club discount, making the course £160 at the time of writing.  Not only that, Preston Harriers will repay that to you when you start your leadership role!

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Step #5

Complete your Coaching Course

There is no requirement to complete a coaching in Running Fitness course to lead your own group, however you may wish to take your Coaching in Running Fitness qualification.  You should speak to the Endurance committee before booking this course.  Details of the course are available here.

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