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Blackpool Inter-Club: a sea of blue and a big woohoo

Read on for the race report from the first fixture of the season. Please remember the next fixture is in just under a month @ Lytham: another chance to turn the Fylde coaster bluer than the water will ever be…

‘If you had told me that we would have 80+ runners donning the Preston Harriers’ colours at a 4 mile Road Race in Blackpool, I wouldn't have believed it. But that is exactly what happened! 🥳

What a turnout ..... and what a set of results with Preston Harriers dominating the leaders board at the recent Inter-Club event in all but one category.

Whilst we currently only have access to the provisional results, it is clear that the much strengthened men’s team achieved the first spot with the first five Harriers over the line placing in the top 10 - 1st Joe Monk, 2nd Rob Danson, 5th Adam Sciacca, 8th Chris Livesey and 9th Luke Suffolk. They were closely followed by a further 5 Harriers to make up the 10 man team and 20 legs of steel.

Meanwhile, the women went out with the target of retaining their overall first position last year and did not disappoint. All the ladies team counters found a home in the top 6 - 1st Nicola Sutton, 3rd Michelle Chadwick, 4th Sophie Pilkington, 5th Hannah Jacobsen, 6th Chloe Reid.

The Harriers did not stop there - also taking top spot in the Vets / Vets 50+ / Vets 60+ team categories.

The strength and depth across both the male and female running squads was certainly evident.

Of course, it isn't just about those who have been mentioned above however as even those who didn't directly score for the team did their bit to stop vital points going to other teams so a massive thank you to everyone who got themselves down to Stanley Park on a pretty dreary Wednesday. You really did bring the park to life.

A fantastic start to the Inter- Club Series 😊 and we are excited to see you at the next one in Lytham on May 9th

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