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Hail to the Harriers

On Sunday 18th February, 10 Harriers turned out to the 1st 10k event in this year's club championships - the Hale 10k.

When you delve into the tourist pages of this south Manchester spot, you can read that it is a village of 'timeless elegance' and a place for leisurely walks with refreshing gulps of rural air. An additional fun-fact is that it was also once a holiday destination of Winston Churchill!

Alas: our PH athletes were unlikely to be able to process any history or really take in the views in as they whizzed around this picturesque course. The village does, however, also boast of being a 'place of ambition', which is very apt in consideration of some brilliant runs from those in blue.

1st home was youngster Luke Suffolk with a storming time of 34:29 finishing in overall 13th place with Alex Venables (M40) finishing next, 7th in his age category with 38:06 and Steve Hallas (M50) ran a conservative 38:42 to take 4th in his age category.

A duo finished next with Dougie Potter (M40), 21st in his age category with 42:49 doing a great job pacing Brendan Pugh (M55) to knock almost 5 mins off his PB with 42:41, finishing 7th in his age category.

New recent club member Garry Stubbs-Bronson (M45) finished strongly next in 43:58, 16th in his age category.

Soon after, husband and wife duo, Cathy and Dave Flitcroft followed home with Cathy (F60) finishing in 44:57, 1st in her age category and Dave (M60) finishing 5th in his age category with 45:55. 🥰

Final finishers for Preston were Julie Tyrer (F45) in 57:12, 26th in her age category and Susan Ashcroft (F60) in 1:00:01, 6th in her age category and tantalisingly close to breaking the hour.

Whilst the day stayed dry for the race itself, the same could not be said for the water drenched car park field! It probably took some athletes longer to get off the car park than their actual race time - testimony to how being a runner is not just about moving your legs, but the entire logistical operation of getting to an event and back in one mental and physical piece

If you missed yesterday's event you need not fear as there are further Club-Championship races coming up soon...

We have the New Longton 10k on 3rd March, Wigan 5k on 17th March and Caldervale 10 miler on 29th March. They can be booked on the links below:

Hope to see you on the start line.

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