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Ahoy! Ahoy! New captains are ready to steer success...

There's congratulations due to Preston Harriers' stalwart Dougie Potter and 'blink-and-you'll- miss-him-fly-past-you' Wesley Wilkinson who have now assumed the captaincy of the men's senior squad.

Dougie will take the lead on all things road running, with Wes supporting with the cross country, taking over from the fabulous work (and cajoling!) Simon Collins has put in over the years.

Dougie has said 'becoming road running captain of the mighty Preston Harriers is an honour. I've been a member for a long time now and people know how much I love our club.'

'The club has grown again lately and I feel we have a lot more to come yet! I am looking forward to working alongside Cathy Flitcroft - the female captain - and Wes, as well as the other coaches at the club. I am sure we'll be a great team.'

Wes adds 'cross country is my favourite discipline - it's a raw and gritty type of racing where time becomes irrelevant and actual placement of where you finish means everything to the team's overall position. The commarderie created in harsh conditions epitomise what is means to be part of an athletics club'... and no doubt helps offset that winter chill too.

Both gentlemen are talented athletes themselves, as well as being friendly and approachable; no doubt they will make excellent captains who will support others, promote development, and bring runners together.

We you both well in your new roles at the helm.

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