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British Milers Club Grand Prix

Sat 10 August 2019, Trafford A meeting where season’s bests and pbs are striven for but on the day the atrocious weather put paid to many of the competitors’ hopes. The races are organised to give the runners close competition within their present race times in the hope that these will be improved. Twelve of the Harriers top performing middle distance runners took up the challenge.

In the men’s 800m C race, Dan Bebbington came 4th in a time of 1.53.00, a tad off his pb. In the men’s 800 H race, young Jack Dee-Ingham came 1st in 1.53.26 just 0.2 sec off his pb and Dan Neal came 7th in 1.58.83. The junior men’s 800m saw Byron Sowerby come 2nd in 1.57.94 while young Josef Wilson came 4th and set a new pb in 2.01.52. Just what he came for!

Four of our ladies turned out, two in the womens 800 A race giving Elle Baker (2.04.43) a run for her money. Jacqueline Fairchild posted 2.04.87 in second and a greatly improved Kirsty Fraser was 3rd in 2.05.17. In the women’s 800m D race, Jess Watson came 2nd in 2.18.48 and Emma Fulton was 4th in 2.21.63. In the men’s 1500m Crace, Kian Davis posted 3.56.31 for 9th . The men’s1500m E race saw Andy Benson involved in a great race with 5 athletes between 3.54.07 and 3.54.75; his 3.54.75 proved to be a seasons best. The men’s 1500m G race saw Ben Preddy having a good day, his 4.05.99 for 6th place was a new pb, job done.

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