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Northern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships

Sports City, Manchester 10 June 2017

First up for Preston Harriers was Daniel Neal in the 400m who ran a good race in a difficult wind, as the officials lost their tent down the track. Meanwhile over on the other side of the field was Sophie Warden competing in the women’s long jump final, which turned out well, coming third and getting a bronze medal with a jump of 5.26m. Then came the 100m guys with Curtis Mitchell having a warm- up before his 110 hurdles to come. Then came the race of the day, the senior men’s 1500m final featuring Matthew Wigelsworth and Andy Benson. This was a well fought and tough close race with Matthew Wigelsworth coming out triumphant to get gold with a mad fight for the line with most of the other athletes left rolling around on the floor. It was a very good win for Matthew Wigelsworth with a time of 3:55.54 with Andy Benson coming in with a time of 4:00.17. Next up was the under 20 men’s 1500m final, another good race, with Chris Durney having his sights set on a medal. It was another well fought race when Chris dug in at the final 200m and ran for that finish line, crossing the line with a time of 4:02.00, you could see how happy he was with

the finish and the win. After a short interlude, out came the 110 hurdles final, featuring Curtis Mitchell. Coming over the final hurdle three athletes made a big lunge for the line with Curtis Mitchell picking up a silver medal with a time of 15.14. As the day was coming to an end two more Harriers were working their hardest to get something out of the day. On one side was Amy Lupton in the senior women’s triple jump final and over on the other side there was Jessica Swannack, working hard in the under 20 women’s pole vault final. All came out good for Preston Harriers as both Amy Lupton and Jessica Swannack won gold medals.

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