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All athletes, coaches and Team Managers please note that when formally representing Preston Harriers in any team competition, or when competing in any ‘closed’ event (i.e. one which is open to competitors from UKA Registered Athletics Clubs, but excluding any County, Area, or International competition), a vest or crop top which conforms exactly to the official club design and colour, both front and back must be worn, and the design and colour worn by all competitors must be identical. This is an official UKA rule, and failure to comply will, and has, resulted in the individual concerned, and the club being disqualified from the event.

The official design and colour of the Preston Harriers vest is clearly illustrated on the club website, and should an alternative brand from that officially supplied by the club be selected, then the design and colour must be an exact likeness. Athletes should also be aware of UKA restrictions regarding branding and sponsors’ logos, etc.

All athletes are required to conform to this requirement, and all Team Managers, Team Captains and Club Officials must inform athletes prior to the commencement of the event that they will not be allowed to compete unless the correct club vest is worn, and are responsible for enforcing this requirement.

When competing in ‘open’ events or not formally representing Preston Harriers, athletes can wear any design or brand of vest they like provided it conforms to UKA requirements and guidelines.

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