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After only the first full weekend of the challenge 37 members have now started the challenge, with 15 having completed 5 peaks or more. Roy Parkinson was the first to complete ’10 in a Day’ and was followed 3 days later by Oli Heaton. Attempts can be made in any order from any location.

The 10 summits are attempted from 8 different locations, with Fair Snape Fell and Parlick both visited from Fell Foot. Similarly, Winter Hill and Rivington Pike can be visited from the same starting point. Using the shortest running distance on the fells the 10 summits can be covered in around 17½ miles (28km) with 3731ft (1137m) of ascent. Linking up the 10 summits also involves around 70 miles of driving.

The approach to the challenge has varied, which makes it suitable for all abilities, from walkers to those wishing to get round a bit quicker. Steve Taylor chose the shortest possible route up each hill and covered the 10 summits in 2 days. Whereas, Steve and Pat Jackson chose a long walk of 16½ miles covering Darwen Tower, Great Hill, Rivington Pike and Winter Hill. Alistair Palmer included Parlick and Fairsnape in an 18 mile, long Sunday morning training run.

Family groups have taken up the challenge with the Wiggin’s, Link’s, and Suffolk families all being seen on the summits. Julie and Benjamin Tyrer chose a misty day to tackle Winter Hill and were hardly seen at all.

If you wish to have a go, here is a reminder of how it works.

Members are invited to participate in the following challenge during July and August 2020. You must visit, running or walking, the summits of any of the local hills. Each hill is allocated a point score and a Leader Board will be regularly updated. A free technical t-shirt will be given to all successful athletes. The following rules apply:

  1. Open to all fully paid up club members only.

  2. Each hill is allocated a point score. A minimum of 5 Peaks from 10 to count.

  3. Send proof of reaching each summit to organiser. This can be a photo, Strava, Garmin etc

  4. To be completed by 1st September 2020.

  5. Free technical t-shirt on completion of 5 or more summits.

  6. After completing all 10 summits, points can be added to the leader board by visiting the summits again.

The following safety rules apply:

  1. Juniors, under age 18, must always be accompanied by an adult.

  2. It is recommended that seniors attempt the challenge in pairs.

Organiser Roy Parkinson Mobile – 07840 898139 Email – rwpark57@hotmail.co.uk

For the more adventurous: 5 Peak Challenge – Fairsnape & Parlick, Winter Hill & Rivington Pike, and Pendle in a day. 10 Peak Challenge – all the Peaks in a day (in any order).

Regular updates of progress via Leader Board on the Website and Facebook.

The Peaks

Points Distance(miles) Ascent(ft)

1 Nicky Nook 20 1.30 362

2 Beacon Fell 10 0.76 102

3 Fair Snape Fell 30 3.67 990

4 Parlick 70

5 Longridge Fell 50 2.18 220

6 Pendle 70 1.59 716

7 Darwen Tower 40 1.48 448

8 Great Hill 40 2.18 367

9 Winter Hill 70 4.31 526

10 Rivington Pike 30

Total 430 17.47 3731

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