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National Cross Country Championship

Sat 26th February 2022, Parliament Hill The National Championships are at Parliament Hill, LONDON. Coaches have been asked for any entrants and seniors and those not in a squad should send their name, date of birth, to Steven Jackson at no later than 21st January 2022. 1st claim club members only. Please don’t give in your name unless you’re definitely running. If you don’t run, you are likely to be asked to pay the entry fee.

Timetable is (with age groups) 11am – Under 17 women 5k (ages 15 16 on 31st Aug / 1st Sept) 11.25 am – Under 15 boys 4k (ages 13, 14 on 31st Aug/1st Sept 11.45 am – Under 13 girls 3k (ages 11,12 on 31st Aug/1st Sept) 12.05 pm – Under 17 men 6k (ages 15 ,16 on 31st Aug / 1st Sept) 12.30 pm – Under 13 boys 3k (ages 11,12 on 31st Aug/1st Sept) 12.45 pm – Under 15 girls 4k (ages 13, 14 on 31st Aug/1st Sept) 1.05 pm – Junior Women 6k (ages 17,18,19 31st Aug/1st Sept) 1.35 pm – Senior Women 8k (20 yrs and over 31st Aug / 1st Sept) 2.20 pm – Junior Men 10k (ages 17,18,19 on 31st Aug/1st Sept) 3.00 pm – Senior Men – 12k (20 yrs and over 31st Aug / 1st Sept)

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