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Preston H. Annual General Meeting

Monday 10th April 2017 at 7.00 pm The Meeting Room (1st Floor of Reception Building), UCLan Sports Arena, Preston AGENDA

1. Apologies for Absence 2. Chairman’s Remarks 3. Election of Officers and Management Committee Members Nominations President: Helen Clitheroe Chairperson: Steven Jackson Vice Chairperson: Peter Hancock Secretary: Bob Welfare Membership Secretary: Barbara Gillies Treasurer: Barbara Gillies Committee Members: Gary Tunstall, Stephen Taylor, Roy Parkinson, Ann Middleton (Minutes Secretary) Chair of Track & Field SC: Vacant Chair of Endurance SC: Philippa Walsh Chair of Coaches SC: Bob Welfare School Liaison: Vacant Welfare Officer: Stella Wood Welfare Officer: Sally Kelly Welfare Officer: Akin Adewale

4. Minutes of the AGM of Monday 4th April 2017 5. Matters arising from Item 4 above 6. Annual Report of the Secretary(s) 7. Annual Report of the Treasurer 8. Appointment of Accountants 9. Any Other business – Discussion only

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